Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've been reading Julia Cameron's book again, God Is No Laughing Matter.  She is one of my favorite authors.  I believe everyone who is an artist, or desires to free their creativity, would benefit in reading any of her books.  I'll include a list of the ones I have at the end of this post.  Someday, I'll own all of her books.

I feel good.  I feel really good.  I'd like to share an excerpt from a short chapter I read this morning.  It matched perfectly my mood, and now I want to go buy red lingerie.  Perhaps I'll do that after I get my first check :).  I haven't bought lingerie for myself in so long, too long.  Yes, I think I'll treat myself.  Red, it's gotta be red....

From Julia Cameron:

"God invented sex.  Every bit of it.  All the positions, even the fancy ones we think we've invented ourselves.  God made the parts that fit together the way they do.  All the ways they do.

God knew we'd like slow dancing.  And dirty dancing.  And African dancing and spinning like the Sufis do, so your underpants show.  God wasn't embarrassed by any of it.  I'm not saying God watched us like a porno film, but God was in on the whole thing, so to speak.

God invented making babies.  God invented making whoopee.  God invented tits and ass---and a few other movable feasts.  What I'm wondering about is how we got so embarrassed about all of it?  What I want to know was who decided God was a prude?  And who got the idea that God would like us better if we gave up something so nice.

Isn't is a little like giving back a really great birthday present?  (It is called a birthday suit, now that I think of it.)  I wonder how God felt about the ones who handed it back and said, "No, thank you."  I know the theory is that that way they'll be closer to God, but did God actually want to get closer to them?  I get sort of resentful when somebody refuses something nice that I've gotten them.  I'm not saying God's like me or I'm like God--but we do have the same initials, J.C., and so maybe God wasn't too thrilled when we decided to say, "Thanks, but take it back."

Maybe when we decided we should give up sex, we were actually giving up part of God.  I think I might be onto something with this.  Don't we have lots of stories of whores with hearts of gold?  Maybe they were doing something right, not wrong.  It's possible.

One of the things I've noticed is that getting laid does seem to clear up a lot of people and make them nicer and a little less cranky.  It definitely does with me.  I'm not saying I'm great at sex--all right, I am--but I'm saying that great sex and sometimes even pretty blah sex can still make you think there's a God and you've just gone to heaven."

Yeah...feelin' sassy, and definitely going to buy that red lingerie.

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