Saturday, March 19, 2011

Neither Do I Condemn

Hate found a foothold
into this house today
and out of a mouth
with forked tongue

First fascinated by
how it spoke that way
I listened to
its double meaning

Hate captured the air
gravity pushed me down
face in the dirt
where hate said I belong

Dark fingers clawed
at my heart and mind
until I heard a voice
"Neither do I condemn thee"

Turning, I looked hate
right in the eye
"I will let He
who is Innocent judge me"

I opened all that I am
to the Light of the Innocent
I gave over my mind,
heart and soul, trembling

The Innocent One brought
his big, hefty flashlight
came in, sat down, looked
and smiled...

"Neither do I condemn thee."

...hate, and darkness fled.


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