Truth Sleeping Under Wings (poems)

Everything Human

You think I went high
escaping into the cosmos
for answers to my questions

That was my attempt
in the beginning
just as it is with all

God didn't show up
to lift me up
in teaching what love is

No, He had me go low
where He also lives
to show His Love has no bottom

Into the heart
of humanity I traveled
You think me not human?

I saw myself in you
and you, and you
There for the Grace of God, go I

I know the languages
of the human heart
mind, body, and soul

I traveled to places, minefields
most are afraid to go
to reach for understanding

So that I could bring love
to the low, dark places
in the heart of being human

Where do you think
compassion is born
from identifying with heaven?

How do you think God
from His High Perch
relates to man, a human?

God houses Himself in flesh and bone
traveling with us every step
from marrow, then reaches high

We travel through the least
then reach for the greatest
by experiencing everything human



Funny thing
when cleaning out the closet
no longer avoiding
the skeletons that rattle
in cages there
They tend to disappear
right before your eyes

I've swept the corners
cleared out the cobwebs
where spiders long vacated
no longer live
I've dusted the shelving
brought in new light
fresh air rushing in
chasing away the moths

A breeze catches my hair
and attention, I turn
to the window open
wings and arrows
flutter and whisper
both settling into the axis

I've planted my feet
in the winepress of love
juicy grapes wet
between my toes
I'm making new wine
to pour into a new wineskin
an excellent year

The closet door
left open and forgotten
no longer a concern
as it disappears 


Last Bone of Contention

Like Abraham was asked
to sacrifice his son
the last bone, if you will
of contention between he and his God

What did he feel
as he walked up that hill?
Did his footsteps reflect
the heaviness in his heart?

I walked up that hill
carrying my child close
my heart feeling as if
it would split in two

A dream nurtured
long held in the womb
a simple dream really
one of holding hands, side by side

What did Abraham receive
when with whole heart he gave
the thing he cherished most,
with complete leap of faith?

God called him friend
because He knew He had his trust
the last bone of contention
was given away

He said, "You have been given a Nation."
In this you know what I refer
would I sacrifice my dream
for the need of the many?

It felt like a job, a duty, devoid of spirit
if not done wholly, in the fullness of love
like taking a lover, when my heart
still clung in love for another

Could I be trusted
did I have the love within
to consider the whole
instead of the Self?

The last bone of contention

I've thought it would kill me
didn't think I'd survive
the death of this dream
my child, my hope, my future

Yet death is the last enemy
to face on this path
God had faith in Abraham
gave what He Himself needed

Abraham saw the choice before him
in the last heartbreaking moment
it wasn't about death at all, destruction
it was what was being brought to life, creation

How many times have I said it?
There is no separation
the child wasn't sacrificed, but given
for the greater good

The dream had to be let go
self was standing in the way
creating an imaginary wall
between love and creation

To you:

You have my respect, complete
my faith, my trust, my love
the shrew has been tamed
I bow in service, my proud head, humbled


He Is The One

I have not forgotten
Who it is I serve

He is the One
behind my writing
gave me the gift

He is the One
behind my love
gave me the arrow

He is the One
behind my eyes
gives me what I see

He is the One
behind my ears
gave me them to hear

He is the One
behind my breath
gave me His Spirit

He is the One
behind my voice
gave me a song

He is the One
behind my life
as well as yours

It is He that moves me
and no one else

My conversation
is with Him alone

I give it all to Him
thankful for what He gives


The Intercessory

She comes from the sea of Life
led by an unseen All seeing Hand
to those who live in Sheol
the living dead

With Light behind her
One hand holding to Life
one hand dipped in death
She walks the dark hallways
of those who have danced
too long with Hades

They neither see,
nor do they know her
Death whispers in their ear
of an approaching enemy
They'd remain in shadow
under death's grotesque wing
a forked tongue filled with lies

They believe she battles them
for Death tells them so
says she is a deceiver
She battles nothing
holds out a steady hand
gaze fixed on the Life within
The closer they step to her
hope burgeoning within them
the more Life renews their limbs

She is the invisible, the Intercessory
the mediator between
for a Hand that reaches through her
to bring them again to Life
She must stay behind, and sweep away
burdens that could not be carried
and do not belong in Life
She sinks back into the Sea
letting the salt of Life
bath her mind, body, soul and heart

She does not leave them
She never leaves them
just as God never forsook His Son
they remain with her forever
while tears of salt bathe
washing away the stinch
of death's cloak clinging

Until she is renewed, restored
she cannot risk getting close again
and neither do they desire it
for they sense in her
what they themselves carried
and good it is they no longer
feel drawn to it

They are free
of a clutching grasp
for death never says enough
until the day we say its so
and reach for Life and Love
turning our back on the accuser
the shadow of a form

we all, along with Lazarus
had a choice
and come forth
embracing Life anew
celebrating with Love's added touch
our heart's rejoicing
because now we know
Life and Love is what is true