Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Great Healing

She came into this world
with a love for connection

She found a broken bridge
a chasm made in the middle

With the innocent love
for her family
she moved to repair it

She took on the burden
of those who needed healing

The bridge being repaired
was the only thing that mattered

God heard the call
of a child's heart in love

He moved in us all
for the great undoing

He loves His child
of this you can be certain

She carries what is not hers
for us she built the bridge

She used her own back
now we are free to cross

Her work is done
She must be told this
while she sleeps

Bless her, God bless her
make her burden light
and give her rest

Her work is done

What was done is now undone
What was made is now unmade

Because of the great love
of a child for her family


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