Thursday, May 5, 2011

Consider...A Marriage of the Paradoxes

I love a mystery.  Correction -- I love solving mysteries.  I tend to be solution oriented.  If there is a question, then I am of the belief that there must be an answer.  In fact, I have learned that if a question arises, then the answer is already there waiting.  It's just a matter of time before the answer is revealed.

The nature of the paradox has always fascinated me.  It is a mystery I felt compelled to solve.  Take, for example, the question of the chicken or the egg, or Adam and Eve.  Which came first?  And seriously, who even thought of those questions?  And in the end, does it really make any difference to the whole scheme of things?  Yet someone did think to ask, and when I stumbled upon them with my probing mind, I was hooked on solving their mystery.  Whether I was successful or not is moot, and so is whether we can ever really, really know.  The journey to finding answers to those questions led to an adventure in spirit that has been nothing short of fascinating.

Let's go with the chicken or the egg question first.  Both were there at the same time.  The egg was inside the chicken.  End of story.  If you don't believe me, ask any woman who ovulates.  Our children sprang from one of our eggs, and it makes no difference at all whether they are on the inside or outside of us, we know the deal.  They came from an egg that was inside us, which makes them a part of us still.  Because we have creative power like that.  :)  But then again, so do trees.  We could even say the same thing about Adam and Eve.  Eve was inside Adam as his rib, or so the story goes.  ( The only time in historical records of mankind, I might add, that a man sorta gave birth to something ).  They were both present and accounted for at the same time and place.  There was no "first." 

So once that was solved, in my way of thinking anyway, I moved on and applied what I learned to see if my answer fit for other paradoxes.  ( I get this mental image of me wearing a white lab coat, doing experiments, mixing elements and stuffs in little jars, making sure to step back in case of explosion...).  Oddly enough, it fit.  One thing that has bothered me throughout this life is the question of duality.  Opposites.  I don't really care for them.  Here's my reasoning -- it creates conflict within me and on the outside of me, ( see chickens arguing above ), and I'm all about Unity.  To have unity -- which come on, is peace producing -- to even have the concept of Unity, there cannot exist the belief in duality.  Lets face it, many people think of Unity as coming together to unite against something else.  That's not Unity.  To experience Unity, which is experienced within you, we must do away with the concept of two.  Where there is two, there is separation.  The feeling of wholeness we all desire, that feeling of oneness, comes only when we get rid of the idea of two. 

I'm not talking about being assimilated into the still get to keep your uniqueness.  Look at snowflakes!  Or bear with me...

Giving and receiving cannot exist separately.  It is an impossibility.  So its not giving and receiving, its giving/receiving.  They are from the same coin.  One coin.  To think of them separately, as two different entities or concepts is, in my book, to err on the side of conflict, ( if there was a side :).  If we just had "giving," who would we give to?  There literally has to be someone receiving what we are giving, and vice versa.  The very act of giving/receiving is oneness.  The act itself unites.  As soon as you put both together, make them one, you can move on to other seemingly opposites -- male/female, win/lose, right/wrong, good/evil, love/hate.  The idea is to practice oneness in thought.  Put them on a scale, one line, although they aren't quite linear, but its an exercise in the mind, so we can do what we want there, you standing in the middle, arms stretched out, joining them...dearly beloved...

What you will find there is an all inclusiveness.  What you will find there, within you, is an embrace for all things in between.  You may not ever see Unity outside yourself.  Yet you will know and experience it within you, and you will find a rich understanding and tolerance for differences, because in the concept and practice of oneness, within you, there is no me and you.  There is only we.  One.



Anonymous said...

I like this :-) I love ba mummy! I also like the one before that had to do some what about me hehe!

C. Fassett said...

I love that you are reading my blog :D. And, baby, I haven't forgotten you are the center of the Universe =).

I love Ba! So much...and am missing you.