Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I came to bring life
it was rejected
I came to bring love
it was scorned
I came to bring color
it was grayed out
I came to settle
I was not welcome
I came to set free
it was feared

Your reflections of the gifts
I brought
tell me what you want
even though you have
already made it known

I've had enough
of your sour mirror
written all over this house
a tomb of stagnation
where nothing can move
or live
I am sorry, what can I do
If you slap at my hands

I want life reflected back at me
a smile, glad to see me
I want love's sweetness, passion
with it's intimate gaze
I want color, enthusiasm
matched with equal fervor
I want to settle, in you
in me, in the richness of a village
I am free to have these things
They are written in me to give
There are those who await
and appreciate, anticipate
my arrival, as I do theirs
we await to embrace
and let the celebration of life begin.



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