Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Memories

I decided when my daughter was young, to celebrate each holiday like it was a big event.  I like any chance I can get to celebrate in life, and little holidays like St. Patrick's Day abound all year long, so they were a good excuse to bring a bit of magic into our lives. 

So, it kind of goes without saying that this morning I awoke with thoughts of my daughter.  Memories flit through my mind of past Green Days with her.  I hear her squeal of laughter, and the look of wonder when she thought leprechauns were real, and one of the little guys had left her a small gift hidden in the bushes.  After all, leprechauns lived in the living green things of the world.  There was even a Leprechaun Faerie who left a bit of green under her pillow.  My mother used to make up notes from Timothy the Leprechaun, written in rhyme of course, and tuck the notes in some semi hidden nook, with a bit of green magic dust as the clue that he had passed this way.

I like the idea of little people, with their magical play, and their pots of gold at the end of rainbows.  Who cares if they aren't real, or at least if they opt not to show themselves to the big people.  I can't help myself when I come across a patch of clover to look for the one with four leaves.  Now days, if I find one, I leave it there, and smile, at the memory of me as a young girl, laying on the ground on my tummy, my face set in earnest, and hope, seeking the luck and magic I was told I'd have if I found one.  My day did seem to be better with a four leaf clover hidden in my pocket. 

So today, in memory of little girls with wonder in their eyes, and a belief that magic exists, I put on a bit of green in celebration of all the Green Moments of life, where possibilities, hopes, and dreams are carried in pockets, and green magic dust leaves a trail of their presence. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.  Here's to wishing you the luck and magic of Green Days all year round.  :)

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