Friday, March 11, 2011


I've got a serious 'tude goin' on.  My heart overflows with grati-tude ( I know, kinda dorky, but what can I say? ) this morning for so many things.  They are too numerous to count!  I think about how at one point in my life I struggled mightily for just one thing to be thankful for.  I'm not kidding.  Makes me want to reach back in time to that self that I was, and put my arm around her, hug her tight, and tell her it's all gonna be okay.  The funny thing is, I had way more materially then than I have now!  Life is full of surprises.  Nice surprises.  Beautiful surprises.

Many years ago, after reading Mutant Message Down Under, by Marlo Morgan, I was inspired to begin the journey of Gratitude.  Every morning, and every evening I began seeking what I was thankful for.  At first it was very hard, like pulling teeth trying to find "the haves" in my life.  All I saw was "the have nots."  But something told me this practice was an answer for me, so I kept at it.  Gave myself a month of practicing it to see if anything came of it.  It literally changed my life.  For at the end of that month, at the end of a couple of weeks really, I began noticing a change within me.  I had been in such a dark, dark place, and with this simple practice I began to feel lighter inside.  It was slowly changing my sight, my perception, my life.

Now I can't stop.

 I have shared this practice with many people since then, and some have taken hold of it, and begun practicing it themselves, but most, sadly, will not commit themselves to something so simple.  Consistency is required.  They miss the power inherent in it.  It is the simple things, like whispers, that are the most powerful things in Life.

Today, feeling full, I have decided after work, ( I only have to work a couple of hours today, Yay!), I am going to dig my hands in the earth to plant Sunflowers.  I have the seeds, along with some seeds for growing chili peppers, and tomatoes, and chives (to keep the bad bugs away).  Sunflowers...I love them, and desire to give them to today I am planting.  My Aunt posted on Facebook not long ago, "Gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow."  I also believe in today, right now, and it's time right now to bloom. 

I'm also going to fill that empty hummingbird feeder.  The hummingbirds are thirsty, and have been flitting around waiting for it to be filled.  Now I look at empty space differently.  The empty container waiting to be filled with the Nectar of Life.  I feel like that.  The hummingbirds drink from the bottom, not from the top.  I like that too.  Makes me think of hope being found at the bottom of a well of grief.  The hummingbirds know.

I have.  I have seeds to plant, and cups to fill.  I have.  My eyes see where I can give, where I can add beauty, where I can...

Hummingbirds and Sunflowers.  Life is good, full of surprises to fill empty spaces with beautiful things, red and yellow, and I am grateful.


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