Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poems...I Guess...

 They may not be fancy, but this is how they spring from me. 


They say

they miss me,

sounding miffed,

because I have

not connected.

Yet I have!

Sending them all

my love

a link, a wink

the elected.

"You can find me


if you want to know

what's goin on

in my life."

What can I say

if they choose not

to look

but instead decide

for strife?

Snits Begone!

Isn't it odd, I find it odd,

how another thinks

I should be and act?

Do it this way, be that way.

Why?  So they feel better

after the fact?

Let me be,

I'm walking my path,

the way I see fit.

And if you don't like it,

then back off

I don't want to see your snit.

Jealous One

I'm not the one

who can't let go

I did

years long past.

I didn't lie

when I said its done

it is you

who makes it last.

What bothers you

a thought, an image

of another man's

touch on my heart?

You desired to

be the only one

to have a claim

on my chart?

But you have,

this is true

yet you won't believe

when I say,

you have my entire

life and soul

humming with

where you play.


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