Thursday, February 10, 2011


The last couple of days have been an interesting study in fishing.  I decided not long ago that I was done pushing for pretty much anything, and opting instead to kick back on the banks of the river and cast my reel, and wait for the fish to come to me.  I'll wait for what is mine.  In the meantime I'd busy myself with what needs done around here, which is no small matter. 

As stated a couple of days ago, I was verklempt over my daughter being gone, and the house truly isn't the same without her here, and I allowed a day of getting "the missing" out of my system.  ( However, I still can't get myself to pick up her clothes she left on the bathroom floor.  Meh, it'll pass ).  I did get a few things done yesterday while I listened to some music and kinda disappeared for awhile.  Later in the day people began appearing for "talks."  First my mother, then my son-in-law, then last night a woman I met not long after I arrived here.  She lives in the neighborhood, sorta, I think, and last night was the third time she came to my door.  We ended up talking until 2AM this morning. 

I've been enjoying seeing what shows up on my line.  I allow it in, visit, then let it go when it departs.  And not only people, but events as well.  I don't disregard an invite out of hand.  Like tonight my mother and I were invited to a book signing by a friend whose job it is to promote authors.  We realized we didn't have the money for fuel to get there and decided we wouldn't go.  The friend decided she really wants us there so she's picking us up.  Guess we're goin' after all.  The author is also giving a free class in conjunction with signing her new book.  Sounds like fun.  I'll let you know. 

By the way, the painting above is by Chuck Rose.  You can find him here:

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