Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lasting Image

My daughter left for the Navy today, and this image is the last I had of her.  I walked after her to capture just one more picture before she was out the door, and my movement made the picture blur.  I look at it now and consider it a fitting image of the day, and the last moment with her...time and movement that went by entirely too fast.

Then she was gone.

I was fine for awhile, and excited for her.  Then I made the mistake of considering baking some cookies, her favorite, and I thought, won't she be delighted when she gets home.  That's when it hit ... the missing.

I'm verklempt...talk amongst yourselves....

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Anonymous said...

She goes, and she does not go alone. She has you, as a friend and a mother, and she also has the entire United States Navy behind her. I think she will be alright. That is my hope.