Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Mouse of Power

I'm one of those people who look for signs from the Universe, or Spirit, or God, whatever you want to call It.  Over the years I've learned It truly does communicate with us in all kinds of weird ways.  There is a dialogue going on between us and all that we see and hear and sense.  I've learned to tune in, especially when I have days like today.

So, I wasn't able to look for a job, and I didn't get moved in.  I got up early this morning and did my usual thing where I go outside, sit in my chair on the porch, soak in the morning sun, drink my tea, and give thanks for breathing and whatnot.  After I got done with that I came in here to the computer, turned it on, and my mouse wasn't working.  Yes, I'm a mouse person.  I thought, well, it's probably the batteries, because I saw the little red light blinking last night.  I picked up the mouse to see how it comes undone to change the batteries.  (It's a wireless).  I got some more tea, took it and my mouse and a knife, (for prying the mouse open if need be), and sat listening to the birds while trying to figure out my mouse.  It was too complicated for me.

So...I thought, well, I'll just change to another one.  I knew I had a couple laying about somewhere, and went in search of them.  Took me longer than I thought.  I finally found another in my SUV I was supposed to unpack.  I did manage to bring two containers into the house from my SUV while I was searching for another mouse, so that does count as beginning to move it all in.  Anyway, I hooked up the mouse to the computer, and my computer didn't recognize it.  Huh?  I thought that was weird, then thought perhaps I need a different keyboard.  Those just happen to be laying about here handy, so it didn't take as long to come up with one.  I plugged it in, and nada.  Now I couldn't move my mouse or access my keyboard.  My computer just wasn't recognizing any new hardware.  What the hell?

A few weeks ago my computer was infected, and it took me until a couple of days ago to finally get it clean.  The malware and bugs that infected my pc took over Windows, and it was just a nasty episode of my life.  I was also battling the flu, so needless to say I was rather bitchy, and there was lots of cussing that I'm sure had the neighbors covering their ears.  I haven't been able to look for employment online since the infection, which is the only place we can do it nowadays, and now this.  ( I have gone out and about, and all the places I've been seeking employment tell me to apply online.)  I had every intention of filling out apps to my hearts content for most of the day, and when I found my pc not working this morning, I felt my eyes narrowing menacingly, and I seriously wanted to go off.

After a brief time of ranting and raving about computers, internet, and it seeming like the Universe was against me finding work, I finally went outside again, with cup of tea in hand, to chill out.  I did breathing exercises, little mantras, etc., working to calm myself and to sit quietly and listen.  Instead, it turned into an argument with the Universe, so I threw up my hands and decided to get busy.

The desk and surrounding area where my computer sits was surrounded by and being attacked on all fronts by enormous dust bunnies with teeth.  I decided it was time for them to die.  I unplugged everything from everything, and put it all in the living room behind me.  I cleaned out the shelf of this desk, that my daughter had stuffed full of Lord knows what.  I ended up finding all kinds of interesting things, not the least was one of my favorite CD's I lost months ago.  I was so happy to see it I immediately popped it into the player and let it calm me.

I pulled the desk out from the wall, and omg, the wall.  I don't even want to know what had been spilled on it at some points of time.  I got a rag, and some all purpose cleaner, took it into the kitchen to fill up the sink with hot water....and there were dishes.  Sigh.  I threw another fit, then loaded the dishwasher.  I was finally able to fill the sink with water and cleaner, and clean the wall.  Well, the floor hadn't been cleaned under or around the desk either in who knows how long, so I cleaned it too.

Periodically throughout the day I considered what the Universe was trying to tell me.  But frankly?  Every time I went to tune in, I realized I was still pissed, so turned my back on It with my nose going in the air and me quietly saying, "hmphf!"  I was getting close to finishing, when my mother comes in and announces she's got a Doctor's appointment.  My mother does that kind of thing, waits until the very last minute to tell anyone she's got to go somewhere.  She can't really drive.  Okay, she drives like 40, maybe less, and her spatial sense is all askew since the stroke.  Then she says, "Well, I could probably drive myself..."  Today I was in the mood to let her.  But I was nice and said, "No, it's okay...I'll take you."  She knew I wasn't happy about it though.  So my work was put on hold, and off we went to the Doctor.  As luck would have it, it didn't take that long, but then my mother wanted to "make a quick stop at Walgreens."  There is nothing quick about my mother...she just can't go that fast in anything she does.  So I gritted my teeth and took her to Walgreens.  Finally we came back home.

I put my computer back together, and...nothing.  Not even the monitor was getting a signal.  I seriously checked everything I could check.  My mother had an old computer and monitor, etc., laying about, so I decided to hook it up, thinking I could use it until I figured out what was going on with mine.  It did the same exact thing, including the monitor not working.  Well, I thought, that's just impossible!  But it told me it wasn't the infection causing it on my computer.  So that was good I guess...

I got to messing around here and there, mixing this part and that component, and turned around at some point and saw the wireless mouse laying next to my keyboard on a chair.  It was open!  The batteries were showing!  I thought, wow, so that's how ya get the thing open...then wondered how it got open sitting on the chair.  But I was happy it used batteries I actually have around, and so I quickly replaced them, and closed it up.  I decided to use it and my keyboard with the old computer, just to see....and it worked.  Monitor, mouse, and keyboard could be used.  How is that possible?  Why did both computers not work with other mouses and keyboards and monitors?  I decided to hook up my computer and monitor with the newly batteried mouse and keyboard, and viola!  It worked too!  What the hell?  I have no idea.

By the time I was done the sun had gone down, and I had spent my day battling mouses, dust bunnies, dishes, and streaks on walls.  The above picture is the finished product, and the other is the Mouse of Power.  I was too pissed earlier, so didn't have the presence of mind to take a "before" picture.  You'll just have to take my word for it.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but I've got to get up and see my daughter off to the Navy, so I'm sure there will be farewell tears and whatnot.  I'm also very excited for her.

My moving my stuff in from my SUV will have to wait until Wednesday.  As far as applying for some jobs?  Well, I guess I'll have to go with the Universe on that one, and wait for the open door to do so.  But I'll keep tryin'....

Perhaps I'll finally get the Gratitude section of this blog done tomorrow night...

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Anonymous said...

You said you'll get to the gratitude section later, I think you already started when you said it's about wanting what you got. GREAT JOB so far.
I AM LOVING IT. You're pic is awesome too.