Friday, June 3, 2011


so your driving
along the road
like its Sunday
slow, easy going
minding your own
singing to music
only you can hear
enjoying the sights
when along comes
a tailgater

You have options:

you can teach
them a lesson
slow down more
or slam on the brakes
a lesson in
who really owns
the road

or you can allow
the pressure they bring
to cause you to speed up
still worrying
about what they are doing
behind you

both ways take
you out of
the nice groove
you had going

or you can sacrifice
the road to them
seeing that we
all share it
and allow them to
go around
which is what
they really want
and you do too

for when you
sacrifice the road
give them room
to go on by
and they leave
you in their dust
they are gone
from your life

they were strangers
after all
appearing on radar
as just a blip
on your screen
and it is only
your engaging them
that keeps them around

now that they are gone
you can relax
once again
sing out loud
while enjoying




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