Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We don't try to organize it
we don't try to figure it out
we don't try to put it in a box
with any sort of label
We certainly don't fight
or argue over it
We don't try to claim it
as just ours alone
We don't go around saying,
"I'm the only one who knows
the deal about air."
How crazy would that be?
Its just air, we breathe it
even though we can't see it
We don't have groups of people
taking sides, one side
claiming they don't believe
the other claiming they do
both sides very busy
trying to cram their belief
about air
down the other side's throat
Again, how crazy would that be?
is just hanging around
being air
What we believe
or don't believe
has no impact on it
It just IS, impersonal
No respecter of persons
Air doesn't care
about all the hullabaloo
going on regarding it
I would even say,
although I may be wrong,
that air doesn't even know
there's a big tadoo 
It's just floatin' along being air
giving of itself, freely
we all pretty much agree
in unity
air is air
and we're all fine with that



j said...

Love this.

C. Fassett said...

Thanks j :) I almost didn't post it. A friend of mine convinced me to do so.