Sunday, June 19, 2011


In Spirit
there is no such thing
as subterfuge

reveals Itself
in It's own time 
in It's own way 

Love is Divine
patient, tolerant
tender and kind

All Three
are One
and the same

You thought
I was after something
when in Truth
I was allowing you
to give
something only you
had the power
to give

For it was you
who inserted it

It was never my place
to speak for you
only give to you
an opportunity

I did tell you

I would see you free
How did you think
it was to be achieved?

The Truth will
set you free
yet you must be willing
to first free yourself
through your spoken word 

What does the Truth
free you from?
Were you not
held blackmailed, enslaved
by your own deception?
Your own omission?

Did you not
seek to control
every avenue
to your heart?

Love came to you
and sought to free you
you mocked Love
loyal to a lie
instead of Truth

It is your own relationship
with Love and Truth
that is at issue
not your relationship
with anyone else

You will not know
The Spirit
of Love
of Truth
until you allow
it's release
it's full expression
through you

The only thing damming
It's outward flow
from you  
is you
and all the reasons
you come up with
not to speak Truth
not to let Love flow
through your own heart

How can it return
unless you free it?

There was never
any reason
for all the subterfuge
I never was
and never will be
your enemy
the enemy was the lie

The message
was, and still is
drop the act
and you will know
and be joyfully


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