Friday, June 17, 2011

The Quiet Place In Between

I am the gateway
between two generations
into a new
way of being

I am the embrace
of winter and spring
dancing, for a time
until spring dances alone
and finds her new partner
in summer

I am the bridge
between old and new
sunset and sunrise

I am the moon
giving soft light
in the place between
until the hope of you
dawns into being



Anonymous said...

Oh, Cindy, the last two lines just perfect!
There's so much in the 'in between', you captured that nicely.

C. Fassett said...

Thank you! Your encouragement means so much to me <3 My daughter's dreams inspired this poem, and her effort to shake off outdated traditions in our family that would hold her back. I see both sides, and know there is a dance between the old and the new for a time. Both have/had their value. We keep what still works, throw away the rest as we move from the old way into the new. Oddly enough, the Germans taught me this when I was stationed there. :)

C. Fassett said...

...and I say, "oddly enough" because it took going to, and being in, an entirely different culture to help me see the value in both.

Luna said...

in between
here and there
we find puddles
the wonders
we may have missed

stellar... just stellar
love the imagery of this poem :~)

C. Fassett said...

Oh Luna, I love the poem you wrote in response :D. I love puddles, and have always seen the reflections given in them, like some surprise gift popping up in the middle of the road :). Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It does take going to and being in an entirely different culture to see the value in both where you are and where you left from - even on a simple couple of days long visit.

C. Fassett said...

Yeah, it's truly awesome like that :).