Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When All Else Has Been Stripped Away, One Shining Dream Remains (Part One)

I'm glad and thankful to be right here, at this time and place.

To witness a dream not only being born, but to also have the knowledge of just how long (years) that dream has been tucked inside my friend and roommate, and to witness its unfolding into manifestation is nothing short of inspiring.  For I know just how hard and long she, my friend, has worked for everything she has and for this dream of hers to finally manifest, and how doggedly determined she has been, how tenaciously she has held onto that vision inside herself, despite the resistance and naysayers, and come hell or high water... it would BE.  She truly inspires me...and gives me hope for my own dream still tucked inside, yet one in which I am steadily working.

I didn't realize just how much I needed to see and be a witness to a dream, and its long years of labor, finally coming into the world to be seen.  And to also witness unseen forces come into play, opportunities open from unforeseen, and seemingly tragic events, to support and help that dream manifest into her life and world, has been astounding.

At a time when my heart and soul were at their most weary, when I found myself literally on the floor, hitting bottom, hanging on by a thread in mind, body and soul, questioning whether any of what I've been trying to achieve is worth it, thinking maybe the Powers That Be aren't with me... I'm brought here, to witness the fruit of my friend's long years of labor.

I don't know if she remembers the times when she'd call me over the years, (and I hope she doesn't mind my sharing it, but it's such a perfect example of the places we find ourselves during the process, when doubts plague us in the middle of the night, when we wonder if our dream will ever be realized, because in that moment they appear so very far away), sobbing with the intensity of the ache in her heart, afraid that what she hoped and believed and listened to, the vision within herself that she held onto for dear life, was just a stupid pipe dream.  That all her efforts would be made in vain, and in the end, it is she who would be the fool.

I listened to that dream, saw it shining brightly inside her, witnessed each achingly tiny step she made toward it, and her refusal to have her arrow aiming at any other target.  I watched her cut a path to it.  I know and remember what she said, the words of her dream, and I'm seeing it unfold now into manifestation.  Oh, not in precisely the way she originally envisioned it, but in much the same way as what unfolded in the story, (and was made into a wonderful movie), "Under the Tuscan Sun," by Frances Mayes, one of my all time favorites.  In the story, she wasn't quite aware either, how a friend of hers, listening to her tearful words one morning, when she felt so lost and overwhelmed, and everything she was doing came into question, until once day he pointed out to her, reminding her of her words long ago, how all that she said that morning was now manifested around her.

My friend and I are alike in many ways.  Oh, the expression and form of our individual dreams may not be similar, (at all), but being born under the same astrological sign, we share similar needs, (like the absolute need for space, or "alone time"), and we both have a tendency to embody the arrow, aiming with determination and conviction, and a profound precision in our focus toward that thing inside us that is the force and source behind its flight.  But not only that, she also came to a place where all was seemingly stripped away, and the only thing left to her was that dream she carried within her. 

This... this first post of two is dedicated to my friend, for I don't know if she is aware just how much she is an inspiration to me, nor how much the witnessing of her dream literally unfolding around her into manifestation, would one day, this day, encourage me to remain open, and keep going with my own.  I cannot thank you enough, my friend. 

And for your pleasure, below is a beautiful little compilation of a few uplifting scenes from the movie, Under The Tuscan Sun."  (via YunaMonos)

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