Friday, June 8, 2012


My new blog is up and running ~ Symphony of Wonders.  I posted the second post just a few minutes ago, so be sure and check out the first one too!  I hope you enjoy what I have to share there as much as I enjoy the sharing.

My mind is full of the thought of flowers today, and I really tried to write something besides my version of poetry, but the following kept crowding in, demanding to be expressed.  I hope you enjoy it.


Within the seed is given the blueprint
of what that seed is to become
A flower begins it's journey
to fill the vision, and takes form

Yet that tender shoot must first
break through the outer husk
where it discovers itself
still encased in the earth

In the darkness, struggling
against the oppressive earth
it begins a slow climb
carving it's path upward

Unaware of the light
it neither questions, nor doubts
the vision given.  It only knows
what it is to become

And reaches

Through the hard crust
it breaks through, unfolding itself
to stand upright under the sun
rejoicing in the feel of the air

The vision drives it to continue
a soft melody calls it forth
until one day, there sits a quiet bud
encased again, like the seed
yet ... more translucent

and from the depths of it's roots
comes the song of it's journey rising
And with the glory of it
the bud bursts open
expressing in perfect form
the vision held within the seed.


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