Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Beggar's Bowl

I know of a silent argument
that exists between two women
a difference only in perspective
One lives in poverty,
the other lives in Grace
who sees her own blessings
and the blessings of others.
And before you judge
which one of the two
is the rich, and who the poor
allow me to tip the tables
upside down
For the one who sees
isn't the one who
lives in a fancy house
wearing fancy clothes
or, who can even afford
good shampoo.
No, she is the one
who carries an empty bowl
in her open palm
humbly walking
from door to door
offering the beggar's bowl
for the tithing from those
who have material good
The poor one
is the one who clutches
a full purse to her chest
seeing the beggar
as a thief
seeing it as a sin
to ask for help
not seeing the blessings
she has been given
without merit
For the bowl being offered up
before those who have
isn't found in some building
for investment
where an accounting
of what is given
can be seen by a hand
that won't let go.
The beggar's bowl
is God's living dish
being passed to those
for blessing
For who it blesses most
is the one who gives
so they may also
have eyes to see
from a grateful heart
what the beggar sees
and knows
If a beggar approaches
seeing that you have
bless her eyes
and thank God for them
And if you consider
the beggar's only desire
is to take from you
then you are poor in deed
for she sees
what you do not;
it is only by God's Grace
that you have
anything at all


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Ben Bills said...

Love love love this! Poverty really has nothing to do with money. It's a mental construct created by people who consider themselves wealthy (because they have lots of money). So long as the person without money does not accept this idea, he or she is not poor. I love the image of the beggar you describe here. In the emptiness of her bowl, I see the full potential of abundance and grace.