Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Healing Waters

Deep within the tissues
of her body, lay pockets
of grief she put aside
for another time
"Tomorrow," she said. 
I'll feel it tomorrow."
As the days passed
months turned to years
a hard shell formed
around her heart
her tears held prisoner
behind the protective wall
From afar off
she began to hear
within, a silent voice
banging, begging
to be heard
Its wailing grew louder
" me!"
She built the wall
higher, thicker
worked harder
in the attempt to halt
the lamentation
was not allowed
for she knew it would be
her heart's undoing
Then one day
all diversion was
done away
and only Silence
From within the Silence
came a Presence
and with Love's
tender mercy
touched her heart
The walls
the dam
and the tears, held back
for tomorrow
rushed forward
The waters
finally released from
their captivity
Do not be afraid
the heart was
meant to break open
broken is the wall
that was made
the healing waters
have come, for
long ago, He said,
"If I do not go,
the Comforter will not
come to you."
" will grieve, but
your grief will be
turned into joy."
His resurrection comes
through you
on the waters
of a heart, broken
wide open


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