Monday, May 30, 2011

A Room With A Window

There is a room
waiting just for me
to step into it
by loving hands

I've not had
a room of my own
for 23 years

There is a room
that awaits
my presence
I can close the door
to the world

open the window
listen to storms

There is a room
I could call mine
lovingly prepared
by someone who
honors me



Anonymous said...

Sounds close to home - love this poem, Cindy!

I kept meaning to drop by and comment an all your latest posts, but you've just read what my weeks are looking like right now. Just know that I loved reading everything you wrote, especially your piece about 'home'.
Home is something I'm not entirely sure I can define for me just yet, so it made me hopeful (and feel sane about my not being the only one in the world who might be experiencing that). Thank you!

C. Fassett said...

Thank you, Estrella :D. I hear you, regarding the busy-ness, and it's all good :).

That said, I'm so glad you did come by and leave this makes me feel sane too, knowing I'm not the only one either, haha!

I'm finding that the concept of home, like relationships, don't have to follow any set rules. We can make up our own, follow our own creative expression. And when we do that, its very much like j has been trying to convey to doing it, expressing in our own unique ways, we are loving who we are...validating who we are. And its actually fun! :D