Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Sound of the Heart

Behind the dark walls
deep in a dungeon
a candle sits
waiting for the spark
of conscious will
to light it

The walls were built
long ago
wounds gathered up
and collected
added to, over time
each one, a reminder

Protect the heart
Protect the heart
a false note sings

I saw the walls
heard the wounds singing
off key
ignored them all
reached in
with a trembling hand
and lit the candle

The breath of Spirit
fanned the tiny flame
to Life
with shadows rising
in retaliation
pressing themselves
in grotesque shapes
against the inner walls

Built as guardians
the shadows rose
a call to battle
against the light
from within

The flame grew
in Silence
shadows dropping
before it
as it spread
remaining shadows running
to surface

And out of the flame
came one pure note
All the Love
that had been
imprisoned deep within
behind dark walls
of shadow
sang one pure shout
crumbling the dark
walls like Jericho
to nothing.

The heart is free
The heart is free
Through the Light of Love
a True Note sounds


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