Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Am Coming Back :)

I know I've been a bit absent from this blog since my arrival in Ohio, but seriously, I have never in my life felt this free.  It is the most delicious thing ever.  It feels like the Spirit of Life Itself has been freed within my being, and I am keenly aware of It's Presence within me, like a clean river, strong, steady, and peaceful as it flows through my veins with each breath and beat of my heart, quickening every cell in my body.  I feel so gloriously alive. 

I have more to share, but for now, I am delighting in this new sense of freedom.  Peace is establishing itself within me, and those who think that peace is boring have another think coming.  It is actually the very thing needed for Life to be experienced and expressed more fully, and with added richness.  It is not an absence of anything, but rather an all inclusiveness of everything, past, present and future within an individual life. 

Really, make friendly relations with all that lives within, and outside you.  

I'll be back soon...I haven't forgotten you.  I've been making plans as to the direction I'd like to take as I enter the third act of my life.  It is a brief intermission only.  And perhaps a costume change...:) 

I'm so excited! 



Anonymous said...

I love this, thank you! Enjoy your freedom and peace in every way you can!

C. Fassett said...

Thanks Tony, and thank you for what you said on your blog :). It is a GREAT feeling, I'll tell ya! I am enjoying every moment :D.

Anonymous said...

I'm s glad you're finding all this freedom and the peace it establishes in your life.
We'll be here waiting for you *miss you hugs*

C. Fassett said...

Aww, thanks Estrella <3 That means so much to me :D Hugs right back :)